Adulting: Embracing Life’s Twists and Turns

Trivena GV
2 min readMay 9, 2024


Remember the days when our biggest decision was which cartoon to watch after school? Ah, the good old days when our parents had all the answers. Now, we’re the ones making the calls, navigating the maze of adulthood..

Just like Ross, Rachel, and the gang from ‘Friends,’ we’ve experienced our own version of grown-up dilemmas. Those epic game nights and chill sessions at friends’ apartments? They feel like a lifetime ago. Nowadays, we’re scattered all over the place, caught up in our own adventures. Remember how Monica and Chandler had to navigate their new life together? We’re doing the same, figuring out how to balance work, friendships, and relationships.

And that college sweetheart? Well, they’re off living their own rom-com with someone new, just like Ross and Rachel did. But with great freedom comes great responsibility, right? Suddenly, bills are piling up faster than we can say ‘adulting is hard.’ Remember when Joey had to deal with his finances? We’re learning the ropes too, making those tough decisions about saving and budgeting.

Gone are the days of reckless spending. We’re learning the value of financial prudence, squirreling away savings for that elusive ‘better future.’ And then there’s that inevitable moment when we realize our parents are getting older, and we need to be there for them, just as they were for us.

Life’s twists and turns can lead us to unexpected places. That friend who always joked about moving abroad? They’re now halfway across the globe, prompting us to ponder whether it’s time to pack our bags or stay put. And those drinking buddies? They’re sending wedding invitations, reminding us that time marches on.

Sure, things change, and so do we. But amidst the chaos, there’s a certain charm in figuring it all out together. Adulting may be a wild ride, but hey, at least we’re in it together, just like our favorite ‘Friends’ were.




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