Embracing Change and Finding Joy: My Journey Through Career Exploration and Entrepreneurship

Trivena GV
4 min readAug 15, 2023


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As I stand at the crossroads of my 20s, with my 30s beckoning on the horizon, I reflect upon the path I’ve treaded — a winding journey of career exploration and self-discovery. Society often preaches the merits of stability and caution, urging us to cling to a singular career path. But I’ve learned that sometimes, embracing change can lead to unexpected joy and profound growth.

I vividly remember the cautious advice of well-meaning friends and family, cautioning me against abandoning my chosen career trajectory. Yet, despite the warnings, I ventured down divergent paths time and again. Each transition brought its own set of doubts and regrets, especially when challenges loomed large. It was during these moments of uncertainty that I grappled with the nagging feeling that I had made the wrong choices.

But here’s the twist: those perceived missteps turned out to be valuable life lessons. As the fog of uncertainty lifted, I began to realize that my journey was not a series of mistakes, but rather a constellation of experiences that contributed to my personal growth.

Two years from now, I’ll officially step into the realm of my 30s — a milestone that once seemed daunting. However, I now stand on the threshold of this new chapter with newfound confidence and excitement. The catalyst for this transformation was embracing entrepreneurship while simultaneously nurturing various side hustles.

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t just a professional pivot; it was a transformative shift that rippled through various facets of my life. Through this voyage, I’ve not only charted new waters in the business world but also embarked on a journey of self-discovery. The rewards were abundant and unexpected.

One of the most remarkable changes has been the expansion of my social horizons. As an entrepreneur, I found myself engaging with a diverse array of people. Conversations that once seemed daunting became opportunities for connection and collaboration. The courage I gathered from stepping outside my comfort zone allowed me to share my services confidently, leading to friendships with clients and mate who’s share the same journey. My once-small circle has blossomed into a rich tapestry of relationships that constantly inspire and motivate me.

Financially, my decision to pivot has yielded surprising rewards. As an entrepreneur with multiple irons in the fire, my income began to reflect the dedication and hard work I poured into my ventures. This isn’t just about financial gain; it’s about the satisfaction of knowing that my efforts directly contribute to my success.

Equally impactful has been the education I’ve received on this uncharted path. While traditional schooling equipped me with knowledge, my journey as an entrepreneur gifted me with lessons that are rarely taught in a classroom. I’ve honed my work ethic, developed a strategic business mindset, and learned to navigate the ebbs and flows of the marketplace. Each challenge I faced became an opportunity for growth, an invitation to refine my skills, and an education in resilience.

Of course, this journey wasn’t without its hurdles. The road to entrepreneurship was initially steep, and at times, I felt like a ship navigating turbulent waters. Recently, I made the difficult decision to part ways with my first company and pivot towards a different business model. While this shift is undoubtedly challenging, the lessons I’ve amassed along the way have equipped me with the tools needed to weather this storm. I’m not merely weathering the storm; I’m harnessing its power to propel me forward.

As I reflect on my voyage through varied careers and entrepreneurship, I can’t help but marvel at the transformation I’ve undergone. I’ve learned that embracing uncertainty can lead to profound personal and professional growth. So, to all those who advised me to cling to the safety of a single career path, I say this: I wouldn’t trade my journey for anything. The challenges, the triumphs, and the myriad experiences have molded me into a person I’m proud to be.

As I stand on the precipice of my 30s, I’m not just stepping into a new age; I’m embracing a new phase of life infused with confidence, resilience, and a thirst for exploration. The road ahead is uncertain, but I’m armed with the knowledge that every twist and turn will bring me closer to becoming the best version of myself. So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take, remember this: sometimes, the uncharted territory holds the most rewarding treasures.

xoxo, Vena



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