In Search of Clarity: Embracing the Unknowns in My Late Twenties

Trivena GV
2 min readJan 27, 2024
Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

In this journey called life, where people typically navigate until their 50s, I find myself approaching my last leg of the twenties at 29. It’s a point where one might expect to have life figured out, but truth be told, I’m still deciphering the puzzle, especially in terms of where I call home.

My recent venture didn’t go as planned, prompting me to start afresh in the wellness industry. Financially, I’ve been savvy in managing my income, but I’ve noticed some unwise spending that’s been drying up my savings.

As I try to define my desired financial freedom and contemplate early retirement, I’m well aware that the future is uncertain. Despite the uncertainty, my quest for stability persists. So, I’m piecing together my puzzle, questioning if each move aligns with the life I envision.

Amidst these musings, deeper questions surface — marriage, kids, and the profound contemplations that arise when envisioning one’s future. While I have someone I deeply love by my side, there’s a part of me uncertain about the life path I’ve chosen. It’s natural to question decisions, especially when facing relationship, financial, or career challenges. I’ve chosen to sit with these uncertainties, believing that answers will surface in due time.

Yet, there are moments when I wish I had all the answers at once. One thing remains certain — I’ll allow myself to appreciate the beauty of the present, savoring life step by step, all the while hoping that clarity unfolds. Perhaps not every aspect of life comes with a clear-cut answer; in those instances, I’ll learn the art of interpreting the responses that life presents.



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