Poem: About June

Trivena GV
Jun 29, 2023
Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash

In the midst of June’s tough embrace,
I find strength within, a newfound grace.
Energy surges through my core,
Unveiling a person I’ve not known before.

From professional challenges to family strife,
The scale of problems cuts like a knife.
An arduous quest lies my sight,
But my heart holds contentment, shining bright.

With every decision, I stand tall and wise,
My thoughts clearer, reaching azure skies.
Understanding myself, an unfolding art,
Could this be the essence of growing apart?

Amidst chaos, a serene tranquility unfurls,
Moment of truth, reality’s colors in swirls.
The good and the bad, side by side,
Accepting life’s journey, with newfound pride.

Today, in Bali’s eternal summer air,
I carve my own path, without a care.
Embracing life’s twists and turns, I say,
I’ve found my way, come what may.



Trivena GV

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