The Old Days

Trivena GV
1 min readFeb 7, 2024
Photo by Bahador on Unsplash

She run to the lake
Before school, she play
The trees, cold water, crispy laugh
From a friend, at the lake
Oh old days…
Shower is fun as a little girl

The bell ring, she run out
For fresh cook rice
The boys for the soccer
She sit on the corner, watching
Oh old days…
School is place to laugh and play

Walking on the small road
She’s thinking, what will I be
When I grow up, it must be more fun
White old house, one tail wagging
Warm meal on the table
Oh old days…
Coming home is the happiest moment

The road is busy, people run with nice suit
Not to the lake, but
The skyscraper, oh that’s where,
The water is..

She walk in crowded road
The stars isn’t there, but
The lights are, coming home
Warm food from the microwave
Take off the ponytail,
Oh adulthood..
It’s time to rest, good night.



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