You Have No Idea How Woman Survive

Trivena GV
5 min readFeb 4, 2023


I’m on my period when I wrote this.

Photo by Roxxie Blackham on Unsplash

My first sentence could define someone mind when they reading this, rather they realize it or not. Despite a biological factors, but I’m glad my period always bring me to one state. The state where, my body tell me I’m bleeding but I’m still alive. So what!

I’ll take you through my mind…

Throughout history, women have faced a multitude of challenges due to oppressive patriarchal cultures. These cultures often excluded women from important decisions, denied them access to jobs and education, and held them to unrealistic beauty standards. This has had a profound effect on the development of women’s rights and opportunities around the world, and has hindered their ability to attain true equality. Despite this, women have continued to fight for their rights and continue to make progress in the pursuit of true gender equality.

Knowing this mindset that been carry years from generations to generations, and now they ask us. “In this modern world why you women still fight for something that you already have”.

“You know nothing Jhon Snow!”.

When my brother still say, he’s agree with the idea of equality, while he’s still ask me to marry my boyfriend that he’s think is the right man for me. Don’t got me wrong, my boyfriend is a good man. But I just can’t accept the fact sometimes, I think he’s still throw jokes that he might don’t know it hurts woman right.

Or other cases like, Me and my boyfriend have same huge tattoo. But I’m the one that end-up to be “seen and asked” when we show up to his family or when we show up in public — *prolly my tattoo is better*…

well I might be too sensitive,or my period is close, they say”.

Am I searching for the right man to come?

I will say “No”! This’s not the main Idea I write this.

I’m searching for the “confident me, inside me”. The woman that have no fear to be bold, to speak her mind. Am I a coward now? No. But It’s annoying when I did something and still need to think about what other will think about me as a woman. “Am I too harsh? Am I hurting their feelings? Am I acting like an asshole?”.

While what I did, is often did by man, and society will say “Oh, it’s just boy things”. Well, I still love my huge empathy, it helps me to questioned every harsh move that I probable able to do. But, see! Why when we women do “man things” the society don’t think so.

let me give you simple case, what do you think about this: “A man slap his wife, because his come back from work but there’s no foods and the house is messy?” ; Then How about “A Woman slap her husband because she’s come back from work and there’s no foods and the house is messy?

*just be honest to yourself, about what come to your mind after read that case*

You can see how history effecting our daily mindset (whether we realize it or not). That’s why, we women still fight until now, even we’re not supposed to, if people see us as Human.

Why woman fight for their right?

Women have been fighting for their rights for centuries, and it is an important part of history that continues today. Women have had to fight for the right to vote, to receive equal pay for equal work, to have access to quality education, to be free from violence and discrimination, and to be treated with the same respect and dignity that men receive. Women’s right to autonomy over their bodies, their health, and their reproductive choices is also an important focus of the fight for women’s rights. Women’s rights are human rights and are essential to achieving a just and equitable society.

We fight for all of that because the society don’t treat us well since the first. It’s not a “one kid has a cute doll and I want it too”. But we all human, we all living in the same world.

I thank all women who fight for our rights in the pass, I’ll not lying today is better compare woman in old days. I even can’t imagine how they survive (or probably some not).

Becoming a woman today is an incredible experience, full of joy and opportunities. The world is evolving and there are so many paths to explore. Women are now seen as strong, independent, and capable of achieving great things. There is tremendous freedom to create your own success and to follow your own dreams. Women are respected and valued in the workplace, in politics, and in society in general. It is a wonderful time to be a woman and to make your mark on the world.

But there’re woman in other part of the world that still can’t experience those things.

Some decision like not married, choose career, or zero kids preference still become an argument. Wearing bra or not, choose our type of work out and more things that supposed to be personal preference and decision. Every generations and countries fight different issues about being a woman.

To all women around the world: I wish for you to be empowered, to be strong, and to have the courage to pursue your dreams. May you have the support of family, friends, and society to help you reach your highest potential. May you be respected and celebrated for your unique talents, skills, and passions. May you be able to rise above the challenges and obstacles that come your way and continue to be a force for good in the world.

If you face the same case like me, where you need to questioned your decision because you’ve been placed in this world as a woman, let me tell you this. It is natural to have doubts and questions about our decisions. However, it is important to remember that you have made the choice that is right for you and there is no need to second guess it. Be confident in your decisions and trust yourself. Remember, you know yourself best!

I love you sisters…



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